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Pup Reports

scheduling dog walks at the touch of a button

We combine our love and experience with the best in modern technology to give you the full pet owner service.

Teaming up with Scout, we provide all Pet Owners the ability to easily provide online documentation, manage their appointments, view walk maps and photos from their walk and much more!

We also conduct all our online payments through the App, so everything is secure and consolidated for your convenience.

Local Dog Walker, Dog and Cat Sitter for High Park, Bloor West, The Junction, Dundas west, Queensway, Roncesvalles, Swansea, Toronto

Photo Check-in

Full transparancy and peace of mind with our photo check in service, including full info of when your pup has been picked up and dropped off from their walk, direct to you.

GPS Tracking

We use GPS Trackers for all our companions, which are specicially designed for dogs. We implement ‘Virtual Fences’ so we’re never far away if your pup gets adventurous. 

Report Cards

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A full update of your furry friend’s activity, complete with comments on interesting moments and general activty, like pee breaks whilst on their walk.


Easily manage your schedules with intuitive and flexible forms to allow any changes to your Pet Service needs.


Quick access to your furry friend’s appointments, with full overview of activity history and future activities.


After each Pet Service, simply check the app to review the GPS maps, report cards and photos of the day’s fun!

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