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Cat Visits

Cat Visits to Keep Those Kitties Purring…

We’re not just about the canine community! We provide a range of cat services to make sure that little Whiskers is given the attention they need, when you are unable to do so.

From general playful stimulation, administering medication, to a bit of good old fashioned TLC. We have you covered!

Don’t forget, we also send you daily updates and reports on our playtimes while you’re hard at work


Choose your plan

Our cat visits are around 30 minutes in length and we ensure they get the attention, exercise, and TLC during our stay.

We can even visit multiple times a day if required. We suggest around 4 hrs between those visits and extra visits are at a reduced cost.

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Cat Grooming/Brushing

If your cat gets their purrs from a good brushing we are happy to oblige! We’ll always do waht we can to tailor each visit to the unique habits of our cats.

Cuddle Time!

One of our cats is never happier than being snuggled up in our laps. We know the importance of a good cuddle, and let’s behonest, we love it too!

Feeding Routines

Making sure your indoor and outdoor cats are getting their regular feed and nourishment is important. We undertake regular feeds at scheduled intervals.

Litter Cleaning

Cats are one of the most hygiene conscious animals around and we like to keep it that way. We can do regular clean outs of litterboxes for you, no worries.

Medication Needs

Does your Cat need regular supplements or medication? We ensure that schedules are adhered to that invloves providing what your kitty need.


Obviously no visit would be complete without a bit of fun mixed in! Let us know what your Cat enjoys and we ensure they get that mental stimulation and exercise.

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