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Puppy Visits

Private Puppy Play Coming Your Way!

We know the first few months of a pup’s life can be unpredictable if you have a hectic lifestyle yourself.

The pre-vaccination period is important for their development, and regular puppy visits can be instrumental in creating a more well rounded and better behaved adult dog.

As young pups are still growing and need special attention, our visits include outdoor time (to do their business) and plenty of fun and frolics to help burn some of that boundless puppy energy!

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Our puppy visits are around 30 minutes in length (usually longer!) and we ensure they get a little fresh air to do their daily deeds, not forgetting we provide the attention exercise, and TLC your pup needs during our stay.

We can even visit multiple times a day if required. We suggest around 4 hrs between those visits and extra visits are at a reduced cost. 

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Feeding Routine

We know the importance of consistency, so make sure your puppies are getting their regular fluids, feed and nourishment, at regular intervals when you are unable to do so yourself. 

Puppy Training Reinforcement

We speak with you regarding any training you are trying to undertake and help reinforce that as well as our tips and tricks every visit to reinforce their education.

Relieving Puppy Boredom

A bored puppy is a dangerous one, especially for your furniture! Regular visits will help keep them stimulated and away from your dining table.

Reducing Accidents

Little Puppies have small bladders and can mean carpets with unwanted stains. We reinforce training around pee breaks to help minimise this.

Preparing For Walkies!

Everything we do is also greared towards preparing your puppies for when they are ready to hit the open road and join in the fun their adult counterparts enjoy. The sooner they are equipped to go out on full walks the more fulfilled their lives will be!

Easy & Direct Communication

You can see your pup’s progress through our scheduling app, you can provide us all your appointment requests, changes to regular schedules, and speak to us about anything you need.
All your scheduling and pet’s info is just a click away. Simple!

Insured. Certified. Tracked. Scheduled.

We take our responsilbilities to your pets seriously, which is why we are not only Fully Bonded, Insured and Pet First Aid/CPR trained, but use the latest GPS Tracking technology and online scheduling systems. We do this to make sure working with us is as simple and stress free as possible. Let’s Go Walkies!

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