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Dog Walking Questions

How will I know if my dog has been walked?

We use an online dog walking app called Scout, which is not only a fantastic pet scheduling tool, but also comes in handy in making us fully accountable to you. Whenever we visit your home we officially ‘check in and check out’ when finished. We also send email updates that includes feedback and a photo in real time after each visit.

How do you assess if a dog is suitable for group outings?

We do our utmost to learn as much as we can about you and your dog before any outing. During our initial visit, we ask a lot of questions about your dog’s behaviour and history. We especially look for behaviours that can indicate how easily your dog may learn and adjust to new situations. We make judgement on all dogs individually based on our experience and conversations with yourself.

Do you take dogs that are in heat, unspayed, Or unneutered?

In the interest of safety of everyone concerned, we ask that male dogs over 1 yr of age are neutered. We generally accept unspayed female dogs provided they are not in heat, but require full disclosure from yourself so we can make an individual assessment to their suitability for pack walks. We will more likely schedule private walks in these circumstances.

What are your collection and drop off policies?

Collection and and Drop offs are fully dependant on your requirement, that we discuss during our initial visit. Because we are fully bonded and insured, we are able to pick up and drop off each dog regardless if the owner is home or not. As a courtesy, we ask you allow an hour’s leeway in timing to account for weather conditions, apartment block elevators taking their sweet time or we might just decide they are having too much fun and keep them out a little longer!

Is there a minimum number of outings required?

Absolutely not! It goes without saying though, that the more regular and consitent a dog’s walking schedule is, the better it is for their health and active lifestyle, not to mention your wallet due to our subscription discounts!

Do you walk dogs in extreme heat or cold?

We will be out whatever the weather! Toronto has many weather conditions, so come Rain or shine, we walk your dogs no matter what. Your dog still needs to relieve himself, even if it’s a quick outing.

Does my dog need to be licensed and vaccinated?

Yes, please! It’s a Toronto by law that all dogs must be licensed with the City of Toronto and vaccinated, and we like to abide by those nice government folks…..

Do you accept dogs with aggression or behaviour issues?

If a dog has issues, he or she will have trouble fitting into a group walk. While we don’t accept a dog with aggression or behaviour problems for group walks, we can accomodate private, neghbourhood walks around the streets of Bloor West, High Park, opr wheever you reside. we also happily try and do what’s best for your dog, so if we think there may be a great behaviour correction specialist we will make recommendations for you.

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