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GPS Trackers

Using The Latest Animal Technology To Keep Your Pets Safe

One of the most stressful times in our lives was when a dog walker in the UK lost our own furry friend. Fortunately, that had a positive ending, and he was found a few hours later, safe and sound.
When we started Noodle & Friends, we vowed to make sure the potential stress of your pets going missing was minimised as much as humanly possible.
With places like High Park being such a large and dense areas, one of our first decisions was to buy the latest GPS technology to ensure we had eyes on everyone at all times. Step forward Findster!

How Does findster GPS Work?

Glad you asked! Findster is much more than just a tracking system. It’s an All-in-one GPS Pet Tracker and Pet Activity Monitor. Linked to our Phone App, we have the ability to keep track of muliple dogs in real time, and use virtual fences to alert us if anyone has got a little over excited and chased that squirrel a little too far!

Not only does it have a range of upto 4.8 km but comes with a whole host of fun features which we share with you to see how much fun your dog is having while out with Noodle & Friends!


It’s the core function of the technology and works incredibly well.

Findster keeps track of your pet’s location in real time and upto 4.8 km in the wide open spaces of High Park and Bloor West Village. Peace of Mind Assured!


One of the more fun elements of our trackers is that they record the data of the wearer’s activity.

Think of it as a ‘FitBit’ for dogs! We can keep track of their daily walk distances to make sure they are getting their paws in.


With virtual fences we avoid scenarios where your pet is already a kilometre away before anyone notices they’re missing.

When off-leash we set alerts on small perimeters and are notified as soon as anyone strays out of that area.


We love this function! Tracking the steps is one thing, but if your dog likes to be super active, we can put it to the test!

The GPS tech has the ability to gauge distance travelled and award badges for acheivements.


We keep records of our travels and ensure transparancy with how much exercise your pet is getting.

We then use this data to ensure we are maximising our walking productivity and getting you best value.


Many GPS trackers can get damaged in water and become obsolete, epecially if your dog likes to go for a swim!

Our trackers are waterproof to ensure that are always keeping us alert to your pet’s whereabouts.

What people have said about findster GPS

Don’t take our word for it – here’s other have had to say:

“We love that Scooter’s uses Findster Duo+. Now we don’t have to worry about him when he decides to go off on one of his adventures. We no longer have to wait and worry until he decides to come home, we know right where he is at.”

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Mike & Scooter

“It’s so pleasant to walk our dogs and know they are nearby since they love to run in the woods and are often out of sight. It’s easy to use and fun to see the path they are on. Highly recommend Findster Duo. 10 out of 10.”

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Carol & Boots

“We have little to no cell coverage where we live. With the Findster Duo, we can find Tucker with amazing accuracy. After three major disappointments with other trackers, the Findster Duo has given us back our peace of mind.”

GPS tracker, Pet Sitting, Pet Boarding, Dog Walking, Cat Visits, dog gps tracking, Puppy Visits, Doggie Daycare
Laurie & Tucker

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