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Dog Boarding Questions

Where do you do your dog boarding?

Dog boarding will typically take place at Noodle & Friends HQ. In the event that we are unable to squeeze in your pooch, we partner with a number of professional & experienced Dog Boarding experts to ensure that your still in good and consistent hands for all boarding requirements.

How long in advance do I need to book my dog into boarding?

Two week’s notice is ideal, but we are flexible on this providing we have availability. For first-time boarders we generally require a pre visit with you and your dog visit before the drop off date to make sure we avoid any unexpected occurances i.e. everyone gets along.

Do you provide a doggie daycare service?

Our Doggie Daycare consists of a full day out with Noodle & Friends! We want to make sure they get to partake in the opportunity to get out and have a good time during the day, so expect around 6-8 of exercise during the daycare sessions. For Pets that don’t enjoy the company of other dogs, we can discuss daycare options, which include numerous private walks throughout the day.

Do I drop my dog off and pick him up?

Let us put in the legwork! We come and collect your pooch and ensure they are dropped off when scheduled. If you prefer to drop off yourself can can cater for that no problem. Give us your times and we will try to ensure we are available. The more notice the better, obviously….

What about boarding my puppy?

We want to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone, so to make sure your pup is totally at home and comfortable with us, we only take puppies at least 8 months of age, who have been with us for at least 1 month in a Puppy Visit capacity. We class puppies as any dog under the age of 1 yr, so anyone older than that falls into the adult dog category.

How many walks will my dog take when boarded?

We aim to have all boarded dogs out for the day, but obviously there are variables to this, such as your dog’s physical capabilities and their comfort with pack walks. Typically walks are arouynd 3-4 times a day whether they are short or long outings. We get a full assessment of what’s best for your pooch pre boarding anyway, so you are always fully in the loop.

Do I need to bring anything?

Each Dog has their own thing! Although we have food, we encourage you to provide what they usually eat, to avoid inconsistent feeding habits. Likewise, things like food bowls, and a blanket or bed would be preferable for the best experience. If they need to be crated at night, please “BYOC” (Bring Your Own dog Crate). We encourage Toys, but need to point out that they should be OK with other dogs playing and chewing them, as we don’t want to instage any possessiveness in their behaviour. We generally remove toys that we are causing traits such as this. Please feel free to bring your own treats if your dog has a sensitive stomach. We are experienced in administering medication for dogs, so if your needs meds, please let us know!

Does my dog need to be house trained?

It’s a requirement we have, unfortunately! If your dog is not house trained, please let us know as we want to avoid accidents wherever possible.

Do you board dogs that are not spayed or neutered?

Unfortunately, we cannot take unneutered male dogs. We accept unspayed females provided they are not in heat. It’s not that we don’t want them, but we have to minimise the potential unpredictable behaviour issues in dogs around females in heat or unneutered males.

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