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Why Choose Us

The noodle& friends story

Hi there! Welcome to Noodle & Friends, High Park’s neighbourhood dog walking family. First things first, a little about us….

We are a proud team with over 10 years of animal training experience and handling therapy dogs. We understand the bond you have with your four legged family members, and make it our mission to get to know you and your dog, guaranteeing consistent and personal pet care that is equal to your own love and attention.

The 1st question we always get asked is “Why did we become a family of Dog Walkers?” It was actually simple. We were inspired by our own fur baby, Noodle – Hence the name!

Noodle became well known as a Therapy Dog in Toronto within the Mental Health space at Sunnybrook Hospital and Camh, helping people overcome personal circumstances, through love, affection, and some darn cute puppy dog eyes!

As Noodle’s time as a therapy dog comes to an end, we wanted to use our experiences and passion to continue her incredible work, through a medium that benefits the local communities of West Toronto, including High Park Village, Bloor West, Runnymede and the surrounding areas.

Fulfilling a long time passion for animal welfare, the great outdoors and serving the people (and Pooches) of West Toronto, Noodle & Friends was the natural choice!

We are so excited to make you a part of the Noodle & Friends family!

Pet Sitting, Pet Boarding, Dog Walking, Cat Visits, Puppy Visits, Doggie Daycare
Pet Sitting, Pet Boarding, Dog Walking, Cat Visits, Puppy Visits, Doggie Daycare

Why the people of Toronto trust Noodle & friends

We understand. We have been in your shoes. Getting the right dog walker is an important decision. Your pets are your family, and you only entrust those that are reliable, trustworthy, experienced and have your pet’s best interests at heart. As professional animal lovers, we ensure your best friends are in the best possible hands.

“a perfect mix of Modern Technology and Genuine Love for your family members”

As well as the use the GPS technology designed especially for animals, we combine years of personal experience, a lifetime of knowledge in customer service, and a genuine love of animals to provide you with ultimate peace of mind when we take care of your family.

Consistent Customer Care

Our core commitment is to use our knowledge and expertise to ensure your experience with Noodle & Friends is always consistent and straightforward.

We build genuine and personal relationships with both yourself and your furry friends, and use all the tips and tricks we have learned along the way to provide peace of mind and trust with everyone we work with.

The Love is Real

We’re just gonna come out and say it. We LOVE dogs and LOVE WHAT WE DO! We are a genuine animal loving family, knowing what it takes to create a quality and consistent experience.

Because of this love and passion, we promise that your dog will be treated with care and respect – as well as pose for plenty of pics showing your dog having all the fun you’d expect while out.

Truly Transparent

We are quick in our communications and committed to our cause, using GPS trackers and customized ‘Pup Reports’ to keep you updated.

Our technology is specifically designed for dogs and comes complete with a ‘virtual fence’, meaning we are instantly alerted if your pooch gets a little excited chasing that squirrel. We endeavour to make sure you’re always in the loop.

Peace of Mind Protection

All members of Noodle & Friends are fully, insured, bonded and educated in the art puppy love. As dog owners ourselves, we understand your needs, and pride ourselves on professional expertise with sincere and genuine love in what we do.

We have undertaken a number of dog behaviour classes to know a dog’s body language and mood (and have seen enough episodes of Cesar Millan to last a lifetime!)
All employees are certified through Walks & Wags First Aid and CPR Training for Pets, as well as insured through Profur.

The Right Walk for All Dogs

We understand each dog is unique. Noodle & Friends utilize numerous walk options to ensure that your pup is getting the walk that is right for them.

We ensure precautions are in place, including using group dog walking leashes & integrating dogs to our packs in a safe and considered fashion.

From private to group walks; short pee breaks to all day fun; we have something that fits around your family’s schedule and Canine’s needs.

Making it easy for you

When you join our family, we connect you to simple scheduling and the ability to amend appointments at the touch of a button.

We partner with Pet specialist technology provider, ‘Scout’ that not only provides you daily ‘Pup Reports’ but also gives you a straightforward and transparant way to get the best possible service for your furry friend.

You’re never more than a few clicks away from total control of your relationship with Noodle & Friends.

Environmental Sustainability

We will use environmentally “friendly” products, such as biodegradable doggy bags, whenever feasible.

We will source products locally where possible to lessen our carbon footprint. We will consider the environment at all times regarding our vehicle usage.

Our goal is to maximize our route density, thereby continually shortening our route lengths and the time we spend on the road.

Social Sustainability

We encourage positive relationships and will respect and value all those we interact with.

We will care for and invest in our team in both their professional and personal development. We will be a company that is a “net giver, not taker” in the communities in which we operate.

We will strive to make a difference in the local, and national, pet community.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it!

Noodle & Friends have been a fantastic addition to Oscar’s life. He gets the regular exercise he craves from people who genuinely love dogs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to others!


The Scout Scheduling App makes my life so much easier for booking last minute visits for my cat, Socks. I can just let them know exactly when and what I need from my phone. Really taken the worries away.


We love the fact that our dog Spot is being tracked by a GPS system designed for dogs on his walks. He has been notorious for finding gaps in fences and disappearing, so knowing he can always be found is awesome.


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